Follow the Lobbyists

Follow the lobbyists.

You heard it repeated so often, that John McCain was the maverick, the straight talker, the man who stands up to the special interests. What about the fact that his campaign manager was a corporate lobbyist, his top political advisor was a corporate lobbyist, and his chief fundraiser was a corporate lobbyist?

By some counts, McCain had as many as 66 corporate lobbyists working for him. We should be discussing who those lobbyists are, and who they are working for.

Leading the way for conservatives in this regard seems to be Koch Industries. Koch Industries is a Big Oil, Big Chemical, and Big Mining mega-corporation.

Koch Industries, (pronounced “coke”), is the 2nd largest privately owned company in the United States with 70,000 employees and annual sales of $100 billion in the fiscal year ending December of 2008. The Koch family is so rich, they have numerous think tanks, like Citizens for a Sound Economy and Americans for Prosperity. These think tanks (i.e., fronts), are what the Koch family uses to aid conservative causes in general and the Republican party in particular.

There seems to be a revolving door between these think tanks, the White House, and Koch Industries’ Washington lobby shop.  People seem to be going back and forth between them on a pretty regular basis.

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