Big Oil – Big Numbers

Big oil (5 companies) made $500 billion dollars profit in just 4 years.

Just how much is $500 billion dollars anyhow?

Using the “Mega Penny Project” as a reference to gain some perspective:

If you stacked $500 billion dollars worth of pennies one on top of the other, the stack would reach a height of about 49,321,320 miles.

The distance from the earth to the moon at perigee (closest approach to earth) is 251,968 miles. So, $500 billion worth of pennies stacked one on top of the other would reach from the earth to the moon about 196 times. It would wrap around the earth about 1984 times.

Think about a stack of profit that reaches half way to the sun.

The highest speed at which any spacecraft has ever escaped from the Earth is 35,800 mph in the case of the New Horizons probe, which was launched in January 2006 and is now heading toward Pluto.  It would take the New Horizons probe at that speed more than 57 days to make it to the top of a stack of $500 billion dollars worth of pennies.

Now, if your brain isn’t overwhelmed yet, think about how every inch of that stack represents about 1.5 US gallons of oil going up in smoke.

Enough about pennies, what about paper money?

For example, what would $500 billion dollars worth of 100 dollar bills look like?

Well, it takes about 485 paper money bills to make a pound.

The maximum payload of a 40 ft. long standard shipping container is about 58,000 lbs.

Moving $500 billion dollars in $100 dollar bills would require about 185 standard shipping containers filled to the brim.

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