The Rockefellers are Worried

The Rockefeller family has always showed concern for mankind through their philanthropic organizations.  That concern was recently put on full display when 66 members of the Rockefeller family held a rare and unusual press conference in Manhattan.

What do you think caused such a highly distinguished group of people, bred not to raise their voices too forcefully in public or brandish the family name as a weapon, to suddenly do the opposite and go public in such an exceptional manner?

The short answer is, they are worried.

Rex Tillerson is the new CEO of ExxonM0bil.  Tillerson and the board of directors have brushed off Rockefeller family requests to engage on an issue that the family feels is extremely important.  That issue is global warming and climate change.

So they went public.

The family members, who describe themselves as the company’s longest continuous shareholders, said they are concerned that the Irving, Texas-based company is too focused on short-term gains from soaring oil prices and should do more to invest in cleaner technology for the future. They feel that the company isn’t thinking outside the barrel to deal with climate change.

They said they’d like Exxon Mobil to be an agent of change, not an obstacle to it.  In boosting investments in renewable energy and focusing on climate change, Exxon Mobil wouldn’t be succumbing to the sort of mushy, feel-good impulses that emanate from the Rockefeller Foundation, they argued.  Rather, it would be going back to the future.  The company needs to “reconnect with the forward-looking and entrepreneurial vision of my great-grandfather.”  After all, kerosene was the “alternative energy of its day”.

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