Wikipedia – a great place to start

Smart people with a firm neutrality policy make Wikipedia one of the truly good things about the internet.  Jimmy Wales explains why in this 20 minute video.

As terrific and neutral as Wikipedia is and strives to be, the conservative movement would love nothing better than to make Wikipedia disappear off the face of the earth for all eternity. Since day one, conservative commentators have smeared Wikipedia and insisted that the site is anti-conservative.

Let’s just say, conservative ideologues appreciate Wikipedia’s Free Online Encyclopedia about as much as as they appreciate Michael Moore’s films and Noam Chomsky’s books. Conservatives prefer their information run through a series of emotional filters first.

A few Republican devotees have even gone so far as to start their own Free Online Encyclopedia to counter Wikipedia and provide information from a more conservative perspective. It’s as pathetically biased as its name suggests. It’s called Conservapedia:

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