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“No Cooperation”

My father, who is now 95 years old, gave me some advice when I was just a young man. He told me not to start trouble, but, if you ever wind up in a street fight and manage to get your opponent down, make sure you don’t let him get back up. He said, if you let him up there’s a very real chance that he’ll come back at you hard and hurt you.

The Democrats should take my father’s advice.

The Republicans are angrier than usual right now on account of the health-care bill Obama just passed into law. In their latest act of defiance they are vowing “no cooperation” on any future issues.

Did anyone notice any previous cooperation?

What are they going to do, say “No” to everything twice instead of once?

Two times zero is still zero.  Speaking of zeros, check out this cluster:


Since the Republicans were ousted by a majority of voters they haven’t cooperated at all. They’ve unanimously said “No” to everything and used every possible dirty tactic in the book to disrupt and damage Obama’s presidency.

The Democrats should lay the boots to the Republicans right now because without a doubt, if the boot was on the other foot, the Republicans would do the same or worse.

Obama and the Democrats need to realize that they are in a nasty street fight with an opponent who fights so dirty that he would bite your nose off if given the chance.

There is no reasoning with these people.  They don’t change.

Don’t let the Republicans up!

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