Ann Coulter’s Safety

Despite having an entourage of security at her disposal for her many conservative PR lectures, Ann Coulter was worried enough about her safety to consider canceling her scheduled lecture in Calgary. Her topic of choice right now is media bias and free speech.

Personally, as far as her physical safety is concerned, I don’t think Coulter has a thing to worry about anywhere in Canada, with or without her body guards. She especially doesn’t need to worry much in a conservative oil town like Calgary Alberta where I’m sure many will welcome her with open arms.

Apparently, Coulter doesn’t realize that in Canada, just like in the United States, good people abhor her and crazy people adore her. Sure, she might face some heckling from intelligent, thoughtful, peace protesting types, but, about the biggest threat she faces in Canada is having a size 14 Sorel thrown at her head.

I’m sure if she asked George W. Bush nicely, he would be more than happy to give her some pointers on what to do in the event of such an attack.

Incidentally, the shoe-thrower spent 9 months in jail for his actions.

Apparently, he was also tortured while he was locked up.

He should have received a medal.

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