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Rachel Maddow Happens to be a Rhodes Scholar

Rachel Anne Maddow is an American television host, radio personality, and political commentator. She has her own nightly television show on MSNBC called the Rachel Maddow Show.

That said, she’s a very smart lady with many accomplishments including a degree from Stanford University and a PhD from Oxford University. Not only that, but, she was also a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship.

Most of us have heard the term Rhodes scholar used from time to time, however, I don’t think many realize just how noteworthy a Rhodes Scholarship actually is.

In a few words, once they leave Oxford, a Rhodes scholar can essentially expect to work where they want, in whatever field they want. For over a hundred years Rhodes scholars have been able to write their own ticket in their favorite field and have reached the highest levels of success in virtually all fields.

Rachel Maddow chose to make a career out of fighting for the little guy and standing up to special interests. Here is an example where she takes on Koch Industries:


4 Responses to “Rachel Maddow Happens to be a Rhodes Scholar”

  1. dancingczars

    She nullifies it by being a Democrat. Being a Rhodes Scholar is a joke. Don’t forget Slick Willey always bragged about it. He never completed his classes. He was just a screw off. Madow has the audience she deserves. Stop on by and put your two cents in at my spot always enjoy different takes, I’m Jim

  2. harryhammer

    Your comment suggests that you are a conservative Republican, so I’ll save you some time and effort:

    Receiving a Rhodes Scholarship is a joke, winning a Nobel Prize in science is a joke, NASA is a joke, the AAAS is a joke, the NAS is a joke, Wikipedia is a joke, Greenpeace is a joke, Al Gore is a joke, Michael Moore is a joke, Noam Chomsky is a joke, etc., etc., etc…

    Is that what you want me to believe?

    Now if you had said Bill Maher is a joke, Steven Colbert is a joke, or Jon Stewart is a joke, you might have at least been partially right, because in addition to being extremely bright and spot on in their analysis, they are also extremely funny.

    What about Al Gore’s competitor George W. Bush, was he a joke?

    Does it trouble you at all knowing that you voted for one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States?

    You probably think that professional historians are a joke too?


  3. @epigrammist

    Rhodes’ Scholar? How many people actually think about what that is? How one Cecil Rhodes “conquered” Africa for Queen and Country by exploitation of the peoples and creating a vast wealth for himself in the gem trade. (See de Beers.) Heck, Queen Victoria was so impressed with this Merchant of Death a country, Rhodesia, was named after him, now Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    Heck, he was such a white man’s man that he allowed white Americans to be eligible for his scholarship, as well as those of the British Empire/Commonwealth. Too bad for anyone not white (until much later on after his death).
    I’ve met a few Rhodes Scholars in my time, including an Australian Prime Minister, and not one of them have impressed me personally, and I admit I do have a tendency to carry a bit of anti-Rhodes baggage with me, but that said, anyone who does earn a Rhodes Scholarship -despite it being tainted money – have all been extremely bright people as well as high achievers. That is no surprise since to earn such a scholarship, the university panel making the award already knows the scholar to be bright and a high achiever.


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