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Stephen Hawking is Worried

Most of us have heard of Stephen Hawking.

Stephen William Hawking is the severely disabled scientist who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, one of the worst diseases imaginable. First it causes your nerves to wither and die which in turn causes your muscles to shrivel away to nothing.

Oddly enough, the disease doesn’t normally affect one’s thought processes. By that, I mean it doesn’t typically affect the ability to acquire knowledge by use of reasoning, intuition, or perception.

There is no better example of the characteristics of this disease than Stephen Hawking.  Despite gradually losing the use of his arms, legs, and voice, and as of 2009 being almost completely paralysed, Hawking has achieved more awards and honours than just about anyone ever.

Hawking has an IQ similar to Einstein.

That said, if you aren’t going to consider the opinion of Stephen Hawking on a scientific subject, then you might as well not consider the opinion of anyone.

This is what Stephen Hawking is worried about right now:

(For those of you with little time; the part of the interview most relevant to my post begins about 48 minutes in.)


2 Responses to “Stephen Hawking is Worried”

  1. Edward

    Most of the rebuttals about Hawking’s warning basically say the same thing – It’s a bit late to be trying to hide. Our radio transmissions have been broadcast across the planet for over 100 years and directly into space for 50 . As to being more careful about sending signals with aim of contacting alien beings I can understand why it might be prudent to stop. Better to just listen for a while. However, even with our “crude” radio telescopes we are seeing for the first time planets revolving around other suns. And our technology keeps improving. If any creatures on distant planets are capable of reaching us with some form of spacecraft they certainly have been just watching us with their advanced technology for a long time. They know we are here just from visual observations of what we have done to our planet. With any luck, in a few decades Earth will be too hot for them.

  2. siddhartha

    His reasoning for avoiding aliens is something like this:

    After millions of years of evolution, humans are rapidly destroying their planet in the hunt for resources. Another million years of evolution and we will have destroyed our planet and still be hunting for resources. Aliens who fall into the latter category are ones to avoid as it will have taken millions of years to advance to the point where intergalactic space travel is a possibility and if they are anything like us, they are hunting for resources. Earth presents a resource rich planet, and they will likely destroy us.

    It’s assuming quite a bit. For example, I’m not sold that Earth contains the appropriate resources for such an advance species. I think that the parallel to the rapid destruction of our planet is more compelling (and more to the point), and the ‘beware of aliens’ headline is just a draw to watch the Discovery Channel program.


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