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Ballantyne 1

Check out Ballantyne Gallery 2 for more photos from this spectacular event.

6 Responses to “Ballantyne 1”

  1. Bill Kemp

    What a Great Turnout although I’m sunburnt it was a great rememberence of the 35 strike “Long overdo” Joe Schmiller was the one who suggested this and I took it to Dougie Wills that’s when it took off, but never knowing it would be this great and I’d like to thank everyone for their hours of time put into this. And thanks for the wheelchair ride. Very Much Appreciated. Take Care All. Also the Pensioners who retired before 01 should get the same amount as the one’s since. Truly Bill

  2. krissy Murphy

    These pictures are amazing! Good job helping remember!

  3. Fraser Stewart

    Great job Harry B.What a great turnout for the march!

  4. Rob Ashton

    Well done Harry looks good, now that we know we have an excellent photographer in our midst we should get some good pictures out there. Looks good keep the pic’s coming…except next time you take a picture of me could you make sure I don’t look so confused, that happens enough during the day for me…are you on twitter? Let me know I will follow you…

  5. SKN

    I don’t know Joe Schmiller, but the pensioners Lomas and Kennedy, myself and the whole Education committee have worked very hard over the last year to make it happen. I am proud of all those Brothers and a special thanks to all the volunteers who selflessly donated their time.


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